AnonOps Staff

We started to do this page and realized it is impossible to list them all. There are dozens of people who help keep this network running on a daily basis.
The channel operators do a great job and we offer them our genuine gratitude. Thanks to all especially trez, Topkat, pathfinder, sho_0es, DryBones, anonpanda, and twelve.

As for the server and network admins AKA homos with PMS, here they are in no particular order:

nato: Network admin, radio news feeds, handles all complaints, confirmed for erectile dysfunction. GPG key
Texas: Network domains, mail admin, twitter fag
Cogitabundus: Network admin, user bots, master channel mod, missing 3 fingers.
velveeta: Network admin and n00bs, we suspect hes gay. GPG key
Aeon: Network admin, part time coder, bot management, abusing you is her speciality. (Bot requests:
shitstorm: Server owner, root admin, recently dragged back in by a stray cat. GPG key
phusion: Network admin, OS guru, a useful blob of flesh. Father of 20.
Logical: Network admin, enjoys games of erotic scrabble.
evilbox: Server owner, network admin, known to devour roosters. GPG key
Jupiler: Network admin, bigger than Jupiter but less entertaining than the beer.
BOFH: Network admin, bastard operator, scared of baby chickens.

Network #Help Staff

mercy Network #help channel staff


owen: No words I can put here will be enough